ACL Repair for Pets in Miami, FL

alleviate their pain and restore their mobility

Dollys Animal Clinic understands the pain and discomfort a torn ACL can cause your pet.

Our veterinary surgeon is experienced in providing quality ACL repair for both dogs and cats. We prioritize compassionate care and are committed to restoring your pet's mobility and alleviating their pain. With years of experience helping animals overcome ACL injuries, our expertise ensures your pet receives dependable surgical care. If your pet requires ACL repair, schedule a consultation with us today to provide the quality care they need.
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ACL Injuries In Pets

The cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) is present in both dogs and cats and functions similarly to the human ACL. When the CCL ruptures, it can cause limping and severely limit a pet's mobility. Unlike human ACL injuries that occur from sudden trauma, a pet's ACL rupture may occur gradually from repeated physical activity. Dogs are more susceptible to this injury than cats, and overweight pets are at a higher risk due to the added stress on their joints.

Does My Pet Need ACL Surgery?

It's essential to address ACL injuries in pets quickly, as they can cause significant discomfort and limit mobility. In most cases, surgery is recommended to stabilize the knee, alleviate pain, and prevent further damage. To determine the extent of the injury and whether surgical care is necessary, the vet will use diagnostic tools such as x-rays. If you've noticed any concerning signs of an ACL injury in your pet, it's important to schedule a veterinary appointment promptly. Your dog may have an ACL injury if you notice any of the following signs:

Limping in the hind legs
Joint stiffness, particularly when resting
Laying with one leg extended
Difficulty jumping or getting up
A clicking sound in the dog's knee

Our ACL Surgery For Dogs & Cats

At Dollys Animal Clinic in Miami, FL, our veterinary team has extensive experience in treating ACL ruptures in pets. We specialize in diagnosing and treating limping in dogs and cats and accept referrals from other vets who do not offer this service.

Surgery is required for repair of ACL injuries in most cases. If surgery is indicated, we coordinate with a specialist surgeon to come in and perform the surgery as soon as possible.

After the surgery, most pets can return home to rest on the same day. We will schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor your pet's progress and help them regain their mobility. At Dollys Animal Clinic, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care for your furry friends.

Aftercare For ACL Surgery Recovery

After surgery, the care your pet receives is crucial to their recovery process. At Dollys Animal Clinic, we understand how important the healing period is, and our team will prepare you to provide the necessary care at home. We'll educate you on your pet's physical requirements during the healing period and what you'll need to do to create a comfortable environment that promotes their recovery. Here are some of the things you'll need to focus on to support your pet's healing:

Rest and Relaxation: Provide a comfortable and quiet environment for your pet to rest and recover, avoiding noisy or active environments that can cause stress.

Nutrition: Adjust your pet's diet to avoid excess weight gain during their limited activity, and discuss with our vet the best nutrition plan for their recovery.

Orthopedic Surgery Post-Op Care Per Day at an additional cost: This includes physical therapy, hot-cold therapy and incision monitoring. Most clients use this service for the first 3-7 days post surgery.

Laser Therapy: For the surgical site highly recommended by the orthopedic surgeon.

Monitoring Stitches: Your pet may need to wear a cone or inflatable collar to prevent licking or chewing around the incision until stitches are removed. Monitor the area for inflammation, odor, or wound reopening and contact us if any of these issues arise.

How Long Does Recovery For Pet ACL Surgery Take?

The amount of time it takes for your pet to recover from ACL rupture surgery depends on several factors such as their age, weight, overall health, and how well they rest the treated leg. The duration between the initial injury and the surgery also plays a significant role in determining the recovery period. Typically, your pet can slowly begin to resume light activities after 4-6 weeks, and full healing should take place within 8-12 weeks. Our veterinarian can provide you with a rough estimate of how long your pet's recovery will take and monitor their healing progress through regular check-ins.

Skilled ACL Repair To Restore Pet Mobility

At Dollys Animal Clinic, we know how significantly an ACL rupture can impact your pet and how important it is that they receive effective treatment. Our experienced vet team has performed ACL repairs for years. We're ready to put our skills toward helping your pet recover and get back to a healthy, active life. If your pet needs ACL surgery or you're concerned about their symptoms, don't hesitate to schedule a visit with our friendly, compassionate team today.
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