Pregnancy Confirmation Ultrasound in Miami, FL


Ultrasound is the most dependable method for detecting and monitoring pregnancy in your expecting female.

It can detect developing embryos as early as three weeks after breeding and assess the viability of fetuses throughout the pregnancy. Ultrasound is considered the most accurate tool for pregnancy detection and fetal viability assessment.

Pregnancy Confirmation Ultrasound

While an ultrasound can confirm pregnancy as early as day 20-22 after breeding, it is recommended to wait until day 30 for the most reliable results. Although ultrasounds cannot count puppies accurately, they can detect heartbeats in the fetuses. For a precise puppy count, we suggest using our Fetal Count X-Ray service.

Call us at (786) 396-1209 to schedule an ultrasound for your pregnant female, ensuring she is at least 30 days post-breeding for accurate results.
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