Fetal Count X-Ray in Miami, FL


Preparing for your soon-to-be-mother’s whelping process is important, and knowing the litter size can be helpful.

Palpations and ultrasounds are not effective for determining litter size, but x-rays are. X-rays typically provide an exact count of the litter, with rare discrepancies of more than one puppy.

We recommend performing a radiograph puppy count starting at 50 days post-breeding. It is also recommended to confirm pregnancy with an ultrasound at 30 days post-breeding, as some dogs may show signs of pregnancy even if they are not pregnant. Contact us to schedule a radiograph puppy count and ensure you are prepared for your breeding female’s upcoming litter.

Are X-Rays Safe For The Mom And Puppies?

In response to the question of whether x-rays are safe for pregnant dogs, the answer is yes. However, x-rays are only performed after 45 days from conception when the puppies have completed their most critical development and can be fully seen on the x-ray. The exposure to radiation for both the mother and the puppies is minimal since only 1-3 x-ray views are taken. At our clinic, we use modern equipment with minimal radiation spillover, and our team wears protective gear during the process to prevent prolonged exposure.
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