Cesarean Section in Miami, FL

proud to offer emergency C-section services

At our clinic, we offer Cesarean section (C-section) services for female pets that require the procedure.

There are various reasons why a C-section may be necessary, including a narrow birth canal or an awkward positioning of the litter. In some cases, a C-section can be life-saving for both the mother and the litter. Our team of skilled surgeons is experienced in performing both scheduled and emergency C-sections to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet and her offspring.
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Reason For A Cesarean Section:

Fetal distress
Irregularity of a particular breed, such as the size or shape of newborns
Litter consisting of a single offspring
Litter being in an awkward position, requiring a C-section to save the litter
Difficulty for the mother during natural birthing, requiring a C-section
Mother's pelvic shape or size
Previous cesarean sections for the mother

What Does A Cesarean Section Involve?

During a Cesarean section, the safety and health of the mother and her offspring are of utmost importance. The procedure typically goes as follows:

The surgical site is cleaned and shaved to prepare for the procedure. The mother is placed under safe general anesthesia and connected to IV fluids.
A midline incision is made, exposing the uterus.
Each newborn is gently extracted from the uterus and placed in neonatal care for stimulation and treatment.
The mother's incision is sutured closed.
Both the mother and her litter remain under neonatal care for several hours to ensure their health and safety.
Our trained staff will guide the mother in nurturing her litter and teach her typical mothering techniques.
Once the mother begins to take initiative in caring for her newborns, they can be released to their owner.
We counsel the pet owners on how to care for the puppies and the mother at home, such as how often to feed the puppies and when to be concerned for both the mom and puppies.
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