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Compassionate care


Dr. Dollys Delgado



Dr. Dollys is the founder of Dollys Animal Clinic and Lead Veterinary Doctor. Dr. Dollys originally graduated as a Veterinarian in Cuba. She completed her studies to acquire US veterinarian credentials to continue pursuing her life's passion: helping pets! She is passionate about supporting all pets in the community in reaching the highest standards of health and happiness. Many clients can attest to her commitment and drive in treating the fur family. Dr. Dollys is hard-working, honest, and compassionate. We love what she has created at Dollys Animal Clinic.
Dr. Lisbey Gonzalez



Dr. Lisbey Gonzalez is the newest addition to our team. Dr. Lisbey Gonzalez originally graduated as a Veterinarian in Cuba. He completed his studies to acquire US veterinarian credentials to continue helping pets and their families. He is loved by many people from all over Miami because of his empathy, his honesty, and his passion for helping pets be well and stay well. We are fortunate to have him.

Clinical Team



Senior Veterinary Technician

Anay is a doctor in Veterinary Medicine from Cuba and our most senior Veterinary Technician. She has great experience in the field of veterinary medicine and helping pets and their families is her passion. She is honest, caring, and approachable. Most days you will find Anay making sure our team is taking care of pets and families to the best of their ability and running a smooth day for everyone.


Veterinary Technician

Dayana is a doctor in Veterinary Medicine, she studied and graduated in Cuba and is now our Veterinary Technician Assistant. She is passionate about helping people and their pets. Dayana is characterized by her compassion, empathy, and commitment to making the pet care experience the greatest one possible. She is working and studying to become a vet doctor in the US and one day serve you all as your veterinarian.


Veterinary Technician

Rosy is a doctor in veterinary medicine from Cuba and has joined our team as a Veterinary Technician while she works on becoming a veterinarian in the US. Rosy is compassionate, honest, and very skillful. She has experience in treating cats and dogs and has become a trusted partner in our clinic. You will mostly hear from her when you come in for a drop-off appointment as she is in charge of all of our drop-off patients, hospitalizations, and surgeries. She is a great addition to our team!


Certified Veterinary Assistant

Joseph started as a volunteer while studying to earn his CVA. He is now a part-time veterinary assistant while attending college to be a Veterinarian someday. Joseph is compassionate, an animal lover, and a great team player. Fun fact about Joseph - he will never leave the clinic before everyone has left (literally). We are lucky to have him on the team.


Kennel Assistant

Jorge is the person responsible for ensuring that our clinic is always spick and span, you'll often find him hard at work, making sure every nook and cranny is as clean as can be. But Jorge isn't just about keeping things tidy - he's also passionate about providing top-notch care to our furry patients. You'll frequently see him lending a hand in the exam rooms and hospital area, where he puts his caring nature and gentle touch to use in taking care of your beloved pets.

Client Services Team



Operations Facilitator

Richard is a talented operations facilitator who works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep everything running like clockwork. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving, he's always on top of things, making sure our technology is functioning smoothly, repairs are taken care of, and that our clinic is performing at its very best. While he may not be in the spotlight, his hard work and dedication are instrumental in keeping our team and our patients happy and healthy.


Customer Service Representative

Aly is in the process of studying to be a veterinary technician. She is passionate about pets and helping people.


Customer Service Representative

Cary is one of our new team members and is a long-time client of Dollys Animal Clinic. She is dedicated to addressing our pet owner's needs and ensuring they have a positive experience. She is passionate about helping others and lending a listening ear. Cary is empathetic, patient, and attentive and is always aiming to leave our pet parents with a smile.


Customer Service Representative

Jennifer is a Biomedical Sciences student going on the path to be a doctor. She is passionate about helping people in a medical setting and always wants to make sure clients and patients get what they need.


Customer Service Representative

Yelissa is a full-time nursing student passionate about pets and helping people. On her off time, she bakes the yummiest sweets.

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